Getting started

Looking for the exemplary vegan? -do look further!

As you can read in my About section I am no expert on veganism but I do have a lot of experience. Especially in doing it wrong.

If you’ve ever heard of a junk-food vegetarian, chances are my story was being told as a cautionary tale. When I first became a vegetarian, or what I believed a vegetarian was, I thought all I had to do was stop eating red meat and keep eating everything else (and I mean everything!). At the time, pasta was considered somewhat of a health food so I claimed it as my new lover and ate it for lunch and dinner with creamy, cheesy sauces. Oh, and let me not leave out the occasional fried omelette or veggies baked in butter dough. Followed by a can of Cola drink and ice cream for dessert.

But I’ve grown older and wiser and there have been many crazy phases in my life. What I have (finally) learned from all of this is that being vegetarian, or in this case vegan, is not about what you don’t eat. It’s all about what you do eat. This only took me around 17 years to figure out, so hopefully this blog can save some folks a couple of years! :)

A few years ago I was vegan for a year. It started out wonderfully. My health improved amazingly and I felt great…euphoric. Ever since I’ve referred to my vegan year as the best, most energetic year of my life. However, the genius that I was back then found a few loopholes in the vegan system. I figured out that since being vegan was all about not eating animal products, anything else had to be fair game! What a revelation that was!

So, I started binging on vegan cookies, non-dairy chocolates, soy pudding, nuts covered in dark chocolate…you get the picture. Surely enough the vegnificence vanished quickly and there I was, hung over on sugar and processed so-called-foods. For some mysterious reason my clothes didn’t fit anymore and before I could say carrot I had slipped back into the world of lethargy and bread based meals.

Since then, most of the time I’ve been fighting my better judgment, trying to cope on a semi-mainstream diet. During this time I’ve never eaten meat or poultry but the occasional fish and lobster has found its way on to my plate and for days I could even live on dairy alone. I’ve felt inferior for being so eccentric compared to most people I meet and even though my diet was extremely poor by my standards, I’ve still been considered a health fanatic by many. So, I fought hard to just stop the accused madness and fit in for once. After all, animal proteins were the only right way to go, right?

Well, guess what! As it turns out my inner fruit-loop has been vindicated by the incredibly powerful evidence presented in The China Study. So finally I have dusted myself off and returned to my destined vegan diet. I felt the wonderful improvements to my health and spirit in only a few days and I can almost listen to my body waking up as if relieving an internal strike.

This blog will serve the purpose of sharing my process, gathering the endless information I’ve accumulated through the years, presenting some successful tips, tricks and recipes that I will definitely be developing and finally, I want to gather a community of like-minded people to learn from and share knowledge. Hopefully some of this will help newbies and others stay on track and feel assured that their struggles and mixed emotions are shared by this flawed, but happy vegan.